The documented origin of the scientific method

In the union between Greek and Jewish philosophy.philo-jew


“Our sight is sent upwards by light and beholds the the heavenly spheres and their harmonious movement, the well-ordered revolutions of the fixed stars, and of the planets, some always revolving in the same manner and coming to the same places, and others having double periods in an anomalous and somewhat contrary manner. Beholding the harmonious dances of all these bodies arranged according to the laws of perfect music causes an ineffable joy and delight to the soul. And the soul, feasting on a continuous series of spectacles, for one succeeds another, has an insatiable love for beholding the wonders of the universe. What often follows from beholding these wonders, is a curiosity about the nature of the stars and planets; whether they have an existence without having been created, or how they received their origin by creation, and what is the character of their movement, and by what causes everything is regulated. It is from inquiries into these things that natural philosophy has arisen. And there is no greater good that has entered into human life.” – Philo, De Opificio Mundi, 17:54


“We don’t know everything, but we know of things that contribute to the stability of the universe, unalterable laws that God has established, and these laws are accomplished always, in every instance and in every place.” – Philo, De Opificio Mundi, 19:61


About שאול בן דניאל

I'm a dad, husband, scientist. I spend a lot of time wondering how life came about, and about how lightning works, and how these can be connected on planets outside our solar system.
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