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I'm a dad, husband, scientist. I spend a lot of time wondering how life came about, and about how lightning works, and how these can be connected on planets outside our solar system.

The documented origin of the scientific method

In the union between Greek and Jewish philosophy. Here: “Our sight is sent upwards by light and beholds the the heavenly spheres and their harmonious movement, the well-ordered revolutions of the fixed stars, and of the planets, some always revolving … Continue reading

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Marriage Equality and Gay Marriage

This article is a brief response to “What is Marriage?”, an article by Sherif Girgis, Robert George & Ryan Anderson, published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, Vol. 34, p. 245, and kindly shown to me by … Continue reading

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The Flexibility of Natural Law

The basis of the argument is, as with all natural law arguments, simple on the face of it. The details, and replies to potential objections, can become complicated, and when I was Catholic I wrote a couple dozen pages on … Continue reading

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Probability of the Physical Resurrection

It is a Christian belief that Jesus came back from the dead (McGrew & McGrew, or as I will refer to the article, ). Some claim that the resurrection has significant historical evidence, great enough to compel a rational person to … Continue reading

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Predictions Intelligent Design Supposedly Makes

The speculation is that intelligent design makes predictions that turn out to be right so far. Casey Luskin makes this claim. Let’s not worry toomuch about what intelligent design means. For now, it means that some intelligence made the basic kinds … Continue reading

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